Globe-Weis products make organizing easier, filing faster, and information more accessible. The Globe-Weis 3.5 Inch Expansion Check File is the perfect way to safely carry, protect, organize and store your important receipts, checks, and papers. As the demands of home and work life continue to blend, convenient and secure transportation of documentsbecomes increasingly important. The Globe-Weis 3.5 Inch Expansion Check File is perfect for taking files on-the-go. These versatile organizers are made with exceptionally strong, 24-point covers with Tyvek-reinforced front and back panels and fully lined, rip-proof Tyvek gussets to withstand heavy use. These gussets expand a full 3.5 inches to hold a large quantity of files, notes, and loose papers safely and securely. Front and back covers are scored for easy access. Globe-Weis 3.5 Inch Expansion Check Files contains a 10% minimum of post-consumer recycled materials. Globe-Weis offers a wide range of solutions to help you manage papers and documents of all kinds at the office, home and school, and anywhere in between.